UC Application for Real Time Surveillance

UC Application is an easy-to-use solution for real-time monitoring of the condition of the water network assets of the management facilities at water plants and water supply cooperatives. The data stored in the application may be utilized both in the day-to-day maintenance of the water supply networks and in planning the renovation of the network and other decision-making. The cloud based UC application is easy to use and deploy.

UC Application:

  • Maps the whole sewerage network in a quick, high quality and cost-effective manner-> repair may be directed to the right places -> SAVINGS
  • Decreases the maintenance backlog which result in savings in the operating costs of the sewerage network.


UC Application records network location information (inspection holes, pumping stations, pipelines, etc.), structural information and repairs done. Maintenance operations can be recorded on mobile devices at each location, which keeps the situational picture updated at all times. The UC Application may also serve as a tool for communication between the supervisor and the contractor and as a tool for tracking tool work progress.