Reliable information with the UC Prescreening Inspection Tool

Reliable information of the network’s condition is easily made with the UC Prescreening Inspection Tool

  • Operational and structural condition analyzed and visualized in the UC Application
  • The client will get easily understandable and visual results of the condition of their network
  • It is a fast and cost-efficient method for
    sewer condition inspections

The costefficient UC Prescreening Inspection Tool

Currently, only 1 to 5 % of the total length of sewer networks is inspected annually. The pan-and-tilt inspection method with a robot crawler (the so called CCTV inspection), is tedious and expensive method
to inspect general condition of the network.  Usually approximately 60 to 70 % of the inspected networks are in good condition, which means that it is quite slow and expensive to find the more deteriorated parts of the network.

The fast and reliable UC Prescreening Inspection Tool is an inexpensive method to make sewer condition inspections. It reveals the good-condition parts of network faster than the pan-and-tilt–inspections.  It also helps the water utility to focus on the deteriorated and defected parts of the network. The UC Prescreening Inspection Tool shows the network in color: Green = good condition,
Yellow = poor condition, and Red = bad condition.

Also the information of manholes and the sizes of the pipelines can be included in the resulting files.

Using the UC Prescreening Inspection Tool

The UC Prescreening Inspection Tool can be used, for example, to inspect the whole network during a short period of time, like in five years’ span. This inspection tool helps the water utilities to focus on their worst parts of the network.

For example, if the total length of the sewers is 200 km, one year’s worth is 40 km, and the whole network will be inspected within five years.