The UC Application for real-time condition management

The UC Application is an easy-to-use solution for water utilities and water supply cooperatives for real-time management of the underground assets. The data from the application can be used and utilized in everyday management, and planning and other decision making processes. As a cloud-based solution, the UC Application is an easily applicable and usable solution.

The GIS data is transferred from you geographical information system to the UC Application. Prescreening condition assessment includes zoom-camera filming, analysis of the material according to the CEN standard of defect coding sewer inspections, a recommendation for the future procedures, and data safe for five years. The analyzed network will be color-coded: green, yellow, or red.

The Application allows also other zoom-camera inspections and the use of other inspection results. Tha data can be saved to the Application.

In the UC Application:

  • Fast, reliable, and cost efficient inspection of the whole sewer network, including operational condition of the pipes. With the data, the renovations, maintenance and rehabilitation projects can be focused on to the right parts of the network, which means cost savings.
  • The method helps the water utilities to manage the networks better and in real-time, and it helps to cope with the debt of renovation/rehabilitation of the networks.

The GID information (incl. manholes, pumping stations, pipelines etc.), construction information and maintenance made in the past are written in the UC Application. Maintenance information can be saved in the field with a mobile device, which helps to get the big picture of the network. The UC Application can also be used as the supervisor’s and contractor’s tool of communication and of supervising the project.