Underground City Oy offers new easy to use tools for managing the water supply assets of municipalities and cities.
The company is developing methods for measuring, visualizing, and automatically analyzing the condition of sewer networks.

Dear Network Property Owner

Do you control the condition of your sewer networks? Does leakage water interfere with networks or treatment plants? Do you need more information for effective targeting of maintenance and renovations?
Underground City Oy offers water companies a comprehensive, fast, and inexpensive screening inspection for sewer network over a period of 5–10 years. At the same time, the management of sewerage network assets provides up-to-date information on its condition and functionality. Based on the inspections, sensible decisions can be made as to what other necessary maintenance, service or corrective measures will be taken.
We provide tailor-made and cost-effective inspections of the location and condition of sewerage networks, which make it possible to reduce leakage and anticipate and target repairs and renovations to the weakest parts of the network, thus preventing malfunctions.
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The rational progress of network renovations requires the development of new research tools and new analysis methods. To do this, we have:

UC application

The UC Application is an easy-to-use solution for real-time monitoring of the condition of underground water supply assets of water companies.

UC screening

Reliable information on the condition of the sewer water supply network can be produced quickly with the UC Screening.